Tea + Tarot

We were honored to host the Tea + Tarot event presented by Lauren of Kinnabari Teahouse, Zina of Sego Strega, and Honest John Bitters. An enchanting floral installation was contributed by Nicole Land from Soil and Stem and antique rugs contributed by The Boheme Project. It was truly a magical evening encouraging both personal and community connection. 

Attendees took part in a solemn traditional tea ceremony paired with a group tarot reading. Following the ceremony, Honest John Bitters crafted a cocktail featuring the tea used during the ceremony and their Limited Edition Lavender Bitters. Attendees were able to eat, drink, and also receive a personal tarot card reading. Feeling enlightened and enriched, everyone parted with a tea sample, discounted future tarot card reading, and 0.5 oz bottle of the Limited Edition Lavender bitters. 

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Sara LundComment