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Hailing all photographers, event planners, film makers, and the like . Ever feel overwhelmed or over budget once you realize all the little details that you're going to need to bring your vision to life?

We feel you. And we've got you covered. 


We've shopped thrift stores, yard sales, clearance sections, and every little corner of the internet to stock our prop room with everything you could ever need to help you create something amazing. The best part? Our prop room can be rented for $59 per day. What does that entail? An insane prop lending library on site to fill your every furniture staging, artwork, glassware or taxidermy wish from gritty to glam. A fully stocked kitchen with rad antiques as well as stuff that's brand spankin' new...and you can use it for the entirety of your rental time. 

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We've accumulated and curated this massive collection, and would be honored for you to milk every last drop of it (if you can - seriously we challenge you). So please create extensive table settings, craft a maze of candles on the floor, sit in our antique chairs, give our taxidermy friends some new life, and style to your heart's content. Everything in this room is screaming to be used. 

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There’s no catch. The prop room is $59 per day. Yes, really. All you have to do is let us know prior to your rental and you'll have your own personal assistant to reach high shelves, carry the heavy stuff, and check everything out of our little (but not so little) trinket library for you. It’s that simple. 

Want to make sure that we have everything you need? Reach out here and schedule a tour. 

Photos by Zandra Barriga Photo

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